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Rogers offers 4% cash back on purchases in a foreign currency, but charges 2.5% in foreign transaction fees – the net cash back rate is thus 4% cash back – 2.5% fx fee = 1.5% in net cash back. But as of right now though, Rogers and Home Trust are the only games in town, and they’re offering Canadians a SUPERLATIVE opportunity. Interesting I have been sleuthing as we were Marriott Visa holders.By the way, for those who think you’re avoiding foreign transaction fees by having a U. Dollar credit card, unless you earn American dollars, you’re not avoiding anything. Received an offer to switch to SPG for 25, 000 points, which did not really seem that lucrative and it does nothing for us in terms of FOREX. I am wondering if I am missing something, and hoping someone can help.The Rogers Platinum Mastercard now gives you 4% cash back rewards on all purchases in a foreign currency and 1.75% cash back on all other purchases – one of the richest flat cash back rates for a no-annual fee card in Canada.

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If you’d like to be certain we suggest checking with Rogers by calling and talking with a customer service representative or manager.

Greedy Rates Staff I’m incredibly annoyed/angry about my card being terminated.

The other card that offers relief from foreign transaction fees is the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card, though for some reason Home Trust buries this awesome feature in their Terms and Conditions rather than explicitly advertising it, leaving it relatively unknown among Canadian consumers/travelers Aside from being the only 0% foreign transaction fee option, this credit card also gives Canadians 1% cash back on all purchases, without any limits on how much cash back you can earn or where you can earn it, as well as travel perks like roadside assistance, auto insurance, and liability insurance. dollars, and you’ll have to convert your Canadian dollars to U. Hopefully more Canadian credit card issuers that don’t have a large share of their spend in foreign purchases, or an established foreign exchange business, will step up to the plate and waive their foreign transaction fees.

Rogers Mastercard’s foreign transaction subsidy is structured differently than the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card’s fee waiver, but still offers significant value. Perhaps some of the more niche issuers like President’s Choice, Walmart, or Canadian Tire can shake things up a little bit the way Rogers and Home Trust have.

I have a Scotia Bank Infinite Momentum VISA, with a first-$25000 spend 5% cash back on all purchases. You see, the 2.50% foreign transaction fee is only applied to purchases made outside of Canada, with a currency other than CAD.

If the foreign exchange is 2.5%, am I still effectively earning 2.5% cashback (5% purchases – 2.5% fx), or is there some finer point to the math that I am not factoring in? If you currently live abroad or make your purchases exclusively from the US, for example, then your math is correct.Liebe Gäste und Interessierte des Kölner Salons, wir widmen uns den Umbaumaßnahmen und einem Relaunch.Aus diesem Grund bleibt der AIT-Architektur Salon Köln bis zum Wechsel vorübergehend geschlossen.Now that they’re being discontinued, it’s tough to get the same kind of package benefits, but still possible to find shelter from foreign transaction fees.The Rogers Platinum Mastercard and the Home Trust Preferred Visa each combat these fees in their own way–the Rogers by awarding cash back in an amount greater than the 2.50% fee (4.00% cash back, then 1.75% domestically), and the Home Trust by simply negating them.For a quick comparison: 30% of Americans have a passport, compared to 70% of Canadians.


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