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This concept is explored in greater depth in Part II.

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Updating table variables

The authors advocate a variety of new methods that use predictions to interpret the effect of variables in regression models.

Readers will find all discussion of statistical concepts firmly grounded in concrete examples.

Please note that the current date value does not behave like the other fields - it is not automatically updated on events defined with the Have we helped you?

You can choose formatting and various time/date sources (current date, last save date, last plot date, creation date).

The authors also discuss how to use these commands to estimate marginal effects, either averaged over the sample or evaluated at fixed values of the regressors.

The third edition of Regression Models for Categorical Dependent Variables Using Stata continues to provide the same high-quality, practical tutorials of previous editions.

Readers will note that SPost now takes full advantage of the power of the margins command and the flexibility of factor-variable notation.

Long and Freese also provide a suite of new commands, including mchange, mtable, and mgen.

More frequently I am asked to create extracts of data into output files. When this completes I have an output file, and all of the columns (fields) in the output file have the same attributes as the fields in INFILE.

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