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so i take off her dress and bra and take time with the wet g string ,savouring the stickiness and holding it up to my nose and inhaling her horny aroma ,i say “i love a smelly pussy’ and she gets all defensive and say’s “my pussy does not smell” “no not in a bad way i say but a horny smell” then i proceed to go down and lick her pussy and she is wriggling about and having multiple orgasm’s and i ask her how long since you have been fucked she says her husband only passed away recently and she thought that 45 was to old to go out dating and clubbing ETC.

we must have spent at least two hours just licking and fucking and after i had a shower and was ready to leave i wanted her dirty g string to have the odd wank over but she thought my wife might find it so i left without it .

I asked her did she ever fuck two guys at once and she said way back in nurses college she got stoned and fucked two guys once but one after the other not at once .

I never had to take her out ,just ring up and ask her does she want to get fucked ,and she wwould ditch her girlfriends or whatever just to go to her place and fuck like dirty dating rabbits .

One day after fucking her i wanted to wank all over her face something my wife will absolutely refuse ,so she let me while i was sniffing her g string , Margaret was stunned at how naughty sex could be as her dear departed hubby was very ordinary in bed as he was a respectable dentist and she just thought that was how sex was .

In the bedroom i drop my trousers and undies and proudly show her my hard cock (i have a pretty fair sized member so i have been told) and she just stare’s at it .

She thinks i want her to suck it ,or shove it in quickly but i have learn’t to allways pleasure the woman first and you will always get a better fuck .

Maddy is a vocal cummer, unless the neighbors are out on their balcony, and she tries her best to be quiet. Her trademark is a set of 60s-style hoop earrings, and a smaller hoop piercing on the hood of her clitoris, which she uses to full advantage to have more intense orgasms! Madeline believes she is alone at home one fine Saturday morning, so she masturbates to start her day. All the boring parts have been cut off from the start, and the video begins with Maddy stirring, and realizing she needs to get up soon. She rolls over to get her favorite vibe, pushes the heavy comforter down, and gets the ball rolling.

Madeline is all nude, so there's ready access to her pert tits and cute pussy.

One thing led to another, and Robb met up with Team Solowife.

We are excited as you about seeing Madeline explore all the curves and crevices of her soft five-foot-two body!

What could possibily be better than having a pretty roommate that likes to masturbate? Here's Madeline, a petite 23 year old, who shares a two bedroom apartment with Robb.


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