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This is not only with respect to the life that once lived on the Earth, but also what the world looked like and even more about the temperature of that particular region.

Finally, we can look for localized effects using fossils.

One of the most famous collections of fossils in the world comes from the La Brea Tar Pits.

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Well, there are a number of tools at our disposal right off the bat.

Fossils are, first and foremost, surrounded by geology.

Remember, the deeper you go in the rock, the older the fossils and rocks.

Fossils don't just show differences in climate but can also show changes in life conditions.

When paleontologists recover fossils from the pits, they often find animals that were very obviously trying to escape the tar.

In fact, they often find predators and prey locked together in a fight not only with each other but also with the tar.

Still, there are other examples of fossils that seem out of place that can inform our understanding of the past.

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