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Calling a government bureaucracy responsible for treating illness the National Health Service is in the finest traditions of Newspeak."Andrew Hickey wrote, "The identity Card here is obviously a reference to the current British controversy over the planned introduction of ID cards, but is also a reference to the 'this book belongs to' pages that used to appear in children's annuals in the UK (whose format the Black Dossier is aping).

Also, it's probably a coincidence, but the look of this page reminds me of "The Goodies' Book Of (Criminal) Records", one of three books put out by the British comedy team The Goodies (contemporaries of the Monty Python team) in the 1970s.

I don’t know what the rocket refers to, if anything. Kevin O'Neill says that it's from the movie Flight to Mars.

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Currently there is an ongoing campaign by the Labour government to bring in Identity Cards, supposedly as a counter-terrorism measure - though this argument has essentially bitten the dust and the government are pressing on with the argument that it's all to save the people from the scourge of Identity Theft.

Either way, ID Cards are enormously controversial in Britain right now, especially as, once introduced, it would in theory be a legal requirement to carry them at all times (a measure popularly cited as part of the progress toward a 'Big Brother state').

Newspeak is an artificially constructed language designed to remove as many words and meanings as possible from conversation, with the intention being to leave speakers capable of describing, and conceiving of, concepts in only simplistic dichotomies: black and white, good and evil, and so on. Also no wonder than Mr Moore's line would include "Chin Topiary" "Barking" and "Very Cross"...

Toward this end words are merged together and shortened, so that “English Socialism” becomes “Ing Soc.” “Mini Luv” stands for the “Ministry of Love,” the government department which uses fear, brainwashing, and torture to enforce loyalty to and love of Big Brother, the leader of Oceania. Simpson writes, "This may also reference The Great Bear, an artwork by Simon Patterson in which he replaced the station names on the London Underground diagram with the names of philosophers, actors, politicians and other celebrated figures."Philip & Emily Graves write, "Many puns here: Maida Jump, Court Short, Turnham Blue, Colouring Inn, Tooting Bottom, Eating Broadly, Rothernot, Pen Stroke Newington, Upper Etching, H. Many of these are clearly riffs on actual underground stations (while Pen Stroke Newington and Ink Staines allude to the areas of London named Stoke Newington and Staines respectively).

In order to avoid spoiling some reveals and surprises, some things will not be explained on their first appearance.

References are explained the first time they appear, and not thereafter. If you have any additions, corrections, or suggestions, please send them to me at [email protected] Auden's words: Judging a work of art is virtually the same mental operation as judging human beings, and requires the same aptitudes: first, a real love of works of art, an inclination to praise rather than blame, and regret when a complete rejection is required; second, a vast experience of all artistic activities; and last, an awareness, openly and happily accepted, of one’s own prejudices.

But, as a favor to me, please phrase your e-mails politely. Some critics fail because they are pedants whose ideal of perfection is always offended by a concrete realization.

Others fail because they are insular and hostile to what is alien to them; these critics, yielding to their prejudices without knowing they have them and sincerely offering judgments they believe to be objective, are more excusable than those who, aware of their prejudices, lack the courage to enter the lists to defend their personal tastes. " Stu Shiffman writes, "I had wondered whether the sword was supposed to be Orlando’s Durendal, but John Carter’s might be as possible (tho as a Virginian gentleman, Carter would be more likely to leave it to the Smithsonian or perhaps the Jeffersonian Institution of TV’s “Bones” series)." But see Page 119.

Warning: There are some Bad Words used in these annotations.

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