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In other words, I could try and motivate you, but in your eyes, it hasn’t worked out, despite your initial motivation to marry Jewish.

As a rabbi, I have my own question: Why has this happened to you?

Saw You At Sinai is an Orthodox Jewish dating service where expert Jewish matchmakers assist Orthodox Jewish singles with finding love and meaningful relationships.

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You tried doing what you believed was the right thing, by following your parents’ wishes. Was your desire to marry Jewish just a case of passively blowing with the wind?

Why would God make your life so difficult by presenting you with this dilemma? You don’t need to be passive when it comes to relationships.

Only appropriate members that either you choose or were specifically chosen for you by your personal shadchan will see your profile.

With profiles available only to compatible singles, privacy and discretion is always maintained.

Think about the children, the conflicts that will come up, what happens when her mother wants to bring your kids to church. But there is a real struggle in the way you are asking your question: “What should I do?

With the divorce rate as high as it is, do you need extra stress on your relationship? I want to date a Jewish woman,” but it just hasn’t worked out in the past.

Finally, I understand that you have had trouble dating Jewish women in the past. There are some bad stereotypes out there – don’t get caught up in them.

If you set up your own goals and values, and look for someone who shares them, you will find your soulmate sooner, rather than later.

This Orthodox Jewish dating site is helping thousands of Jewish singles of various ages, backgrounds, locations and interests find their bashert.


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