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2 De J cati Everett High School is a comprehensive four-year pub Uc high school that includes a series of Academics and a tech division. Congrats class of 210 I Jennifer Gomez 242 Spniif^v iile .\ cnue J-Go To travel the world Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the w ay things turn out. Ma, Tfeti5 Broiidvviiy Live happy, Be happy Thank you all Jenny Phari 24 Albion Street To inspire "To love is to admire with the heart; to admire is to love with the mind." - Ganthier Class of 2010, always dream, believe and persevere. Thuy and Quang, thank you for being my inspirations. J boy's team has a small group ; season but all improved Tiendously.

The classes at Everett High School are intended to challenge each student by raising expectations and providing them with the most rigorous program they can successfully complete. To teachers who taught me life lessons, to mv friends whom I love so much, and to the experiences I'll never forget; Thank vou for a great trip. Samantha Christiana Hardy-Redden 22 E\ erett Street Sammers 1 day there will be no borders, no boundaries, no flags & no countries & the only passport will be the HEART. We will look to /e more team members next ir to add to the current roster of ners which include juniors lathan Mendez, Nicholas [\ngelo and Andrew Jefferson.

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This graduating class saw the turn of the millennium. KD MP AZ KR LL Umpire 09 Present Best of luck DE MC RC JO BD DD TD Bridget Delgado 1 4s Lentral A\ enue Apt. Throughout the year there were memorable moments for each of our seniors individually.

We partied like it was 1999, even if we were seven years old. We were in the fourth grade then, at our respective elementary schools, probably learning something like long division, and our perceptions of the world were forever altered just like that. 2 Bambino To have successful career & wonderful family. Paul Clianatassio and Mike Russo were rwo ot the top three scorers on the team and ended the season as the fourth and fifth leading scorers respectively in the (ireater Boston League, ('aptain Danny Cloncannon the 100 point mark tor his career and ended up as the leading scorer in the (ireater Boston l eague to cap o H an excellent high school hockey career.

There are little to no restrictions for a student's choice of class or academic program. Amanda Josephine De Rosa 35 Dunster Road to keep dreaming All I can do is be me... Jarrid Ricardo Diaz 221 Spnng Ciik' ,\\Jack- Frost Success Believe. I have so many memories with these people I hope we gt a chance to make more memories with I them.=) Congrats class of 10! 2 Britney Nicole Groux 82 Cedar Street "The Baddest" To be successful "LIFE HANDS YOU MILLIONS OF OPPORTUNITIES TO BE THE BEST, ITS WHAT YOU TAKE THAT COUNTS' -ME Id like to thank mv mom, dad, bro, sis, nan, Christine i LOVEvous! Junior Angele Louis- Jean and sophomores Melissa Michel and Sarah Fischer were also members of the team. cnss Counni^ 1 Girls' Hockeyj The 2009-2010 season was a promising one tor the girls ice hockey team.

This is why EHS is able to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student population. Shout outs: BSRJDPIMADAPMCMLJVJR Summer09: BBst\le Iol! With a new head coach, they were in high spirits and ready to win. Senior captains Sam Rebelo, Britany Del Hng, and Alex Arvanitis lead by example and performed every game.

The point is, with every moment that passes, things change, and tliere's only one way to react: we change too. I'm going to miss high school and the fun I had here. Loveyou Girls Hockeygblchamps07- OSThanks foritall! The way the team played in these last rwo games was more indicative of their overall ability and showed their fans what they were capable of CRKA I' FINISH BOY. Captains Danny Concannon and Anthony Montenero, assistant captain Clen Nadeau, Mike Russo, Paul Ciianata.ssio, James Carr, Matt Postc, |inim\' 1 ope/. 166 Spopfs Hockey Cheerin The 2009-2010 hockey cheerleaders have had but another successful year!

Four years ago, we started high school not at the new building with all those luxuries like functioning heat and plumbing, no. There is no need for me to list people who have influenced me so I will say thank you to li II the faculty, teachers, my peers, friends, family, and most important my mother l \ 1.1 ill Strivt IXinie, IJ.inroll, D-Coo, IX, U. "When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do." -Walt Disnev My f.imilv & my cousin Tim-TYFE FA A f Highland .\ enue Bennv Law Enforcement My first language was shy. Led by captains Samantha Medeiros and Brianna Berbaum, it has been nothing but dedication, hard work and still some fun.

But it takes on a whole new meaning when it is \ our name that is called. After a while, it 's just natural, routine, and it doesn't seem like such a hassle. What's really a bother, and sometimes e\ en scary, is change. I hc 7 ide made it to the tournament, and lost to Framingham in a close game, it was a successful season for the Tide! ^ 0 ^, ti 1 ■ 1 164 Spopls Daniel Concannon Anthony Montenero Glenn Nadeau Paul Gianatassio Phillip Crowley Bovs' Hockev Crimson Tide 2009-2010 I hc Everett High School Varsity Hotkey team had a memorable 2009-2010 season.

We spend o k)t of our high school career wondering why we need to do certain things. And yet change is something that the class of 2010 is accustomed to. Our j-etord of 6-13-1 was not an accurate reflection of all the hard work we did as a team.

Luckily, at the new school, ev-eryone was lost, but not for long. Another year passed, much like the last, but dominated by a new feeling. Captain Fenelon was the team's top scorer, third in the league.


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