Livewebcom chat - Updating firmware on optical drives

You can also use the option to Update Driver Software from within Device Manager.

Another option you can try – I notice this works for many users – involves removing and reinstalling the IDE/ATAPI drivers.

There are versions available for: I used the 64-bit Windows version and ran it from an administrative command line to make sure I didn’t run into any problems with being unable to access my burner’s internal memory.

The tray should also retract by itself by you can manually retract it yourself at this point by pushing the button on the front of the drive.

Once back up and running, the true test is in burning to our problematic disc. Well, my burn actually managed to get out of the starting blocks which made a welcome change and the whole disc managed to burn successfully, In fact, I have now burnt to three of the Shintaro discs without a problem at all – not a bad result!

We want to do a text search for the Manufacturer ID (CMCMAG) in the file which you can do as follows: Eleven characters along from the sixth hit is the text “BB5” which looks like a Media Type ID.

This text is odd as the two prior references to the Manufacturer ID of “CMCMAG” had Media Type IDs of “BAx” where x was a number.

This is unfortunate since many users still depend on CDs and DVDs.

In fact, you might even need to use a DVD drive to install Windows 10 on your computer.Don’t be alarmed, just shut down your computer (i.e.power it off, not just a reboot) and it should come good during the subsequent boot up.I used an application called DVD Identifier to do the job.It’s just a matter of popping in the blank disc, running the application and clicking the Identify button on the BD-R/-RE tab.The next step is to check out the extracted firmware with a hex editor and I used Hex Workshop.


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