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Talk to her warmly when you bump into her, and let her know that you’re happy to see her.[Read: What to say to a girl you like to make her like you] #3 Flirt with her.Or do you look at a few other guys in awe because they seem so much more awesome?

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Flirt with her discreetly to begin with, and if she reciprocates by flirting back, you can start to get more obvious.

If you want to flirt with her, try to get some alone time with her whenever you can, and avoid flirting with her when there are others around.

You need to get to know her better, and then, you need to make her see you as a dating potential.

If you don’t know her yet, make sure you get her attention the right way.

[Read: 12 ways to get any girl’s attention no matter where you are] And once you do get her attention, all you need to do is talk and charm your way into her heart.

How to win a girl’s heart effortlessly Most guys make the genuine mistake of playing the game of winning hearts with their heart.

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It isn’t about saying what’s on your mind to the girl you like. The art of winning a girl’s heart is all about making the girl you like fall in love with you without telling her that you like her in the first place.

Flirting with her when her friends are around will make your flirty lines seem like a joke.


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