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(February 24) Palestinian groups actually care about Palestinians, and are not just anti-Semitic.

(January 11) MYTH: One of the assumptions of supporters of the two-state solution in the West is that a Palestinian state will be democratic.

Given that no democratic Arab states exist in the Middle East; it is illogical to believe a Palestinian state would be any different.

(May 4) Marwan Barghouti is a man of peace who should be released from prison.

(April 28) Palestinians believe in a two-state solution.

(October 9) Israel’s universities are complicit in the “occupation” and should be boycotted.

(October 5) Hamas Does not use Schools as Civilian Shields.

According to the Internet Safety 101 curriculum, there are many types of cyberbullying: offers parents an in-depth look at what cyberbullying looks like, how to tell if your child is a victim, what to do if your child is being bullied, and what to do if your child is being a bully.

The book also includes a Family Internet Safety Contract.

When it comes to suicides related to cyberbullying, some names have made national headlines in recent years.

Ryan Halligan (2003) may be the earliest known case of suicide provoked by Internet taunts, but unfortunately many others have followed: Jeffrey Johnston (2005), Kristina Calco (2006), Rachael Neblett (2006), Megan Meier (2006), Jesse Logan (2008), Alexa Berman (2008), Michael Joseph Berry (2008), Iain Steele (2009), Hope Wittsell (2009), Tyler Clementi (2010), Ashley Rogers (2010), Alexis Skye Pilkington (2010), Phoebe Prince (2010), and Amanda Cummings (2011).

(December 8) Israel is mistreating Palestinian children by detaining them.

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