Dating violence bystander intervention

Allegedly the officers used a Taser to try to stun him, but it didn’t stop him, he reportedly kept advancing to them without lowering the weapon. New was treated at the scene by paramedics, then transferred to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Bystander intervention is an essential component in preventing sexual violence.

It may be helpful to have conversations with groups in your community about effective intervention, take time to address the fears and concerns that they may have, and also highlight the positive effects bystander intervention has on the community.

Dawn Katzman, 43, and her boyfriend Andrzej Bartman had been together at least since 2002, when they purchased a home together. morning at am police responded to the address as a result of a 911 call reporting a homicide.

However, the relationship had recently ended and Dawn Katzman was living in the home alone. Police had to force their way in, and once they entered they found Dawn Katzman in the basement of the home, dead from multiple stab wounds.

I read some forums where the kids talk about her (because they are minors, I am not going to link them).

She was a teacher that everyone liked and no one had a bad word to say.

Police then received another 911 call, and as a result they found Andrzej Bartman in the neighborhood.

Police believe that Bartman stabbed Katzman then fled the home to another home in the neighborhood.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Andrejz Bartman has been indicted in the murder.


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