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In order to maintain this legacy and implement it into Christianity, Serbian archbishop St.

The minister said it was good daily protests by thousands of people after Vucic's election on April 2 had been allowed to proceed without government intervention, hinting at former heavy-handed practices in the country.

He said: "If you want to get into the EU, you must know that demonstrations and protests against democratically elected governments and president are possible, permitted and within the EU, quite common." Germany also wants the Balkan country to sort out ties with its former province Kosovo - which Serbia refuses to recognise as a country.

There are dozens of different manners of celebrating Slava – depending on the region in Serbia – but there are some customs which are the same everywhere: slavski kolač – ceremonial bread which is baked in the night of Slava; žito or koljivo – ceremonial wheat which celebrates the ressurection of Christ and family ancestors; slavska sveća – ceremonial candle which is lit during the whole day of Slava.

The day of Slava is very ceremoniuos, and usually hosts organize a great feast to celebrate their patron saint, bringing the whole family and friends to the table. Serbs say that you are invited to Slava only once – for the first time.

Don’t be fooled – mrsna and posna slava are equally tasteful and abundant. It is custom to bring a gift to your host – usually a bottle of red wine, which depicts the blood of Christ, for the male host; a bouquet for the hostess should do the work.

Literally hundreds of saints are celebrated throughout Serbia. It is not obligatory, but you will win the sympathies of all family if you bring a couple of candies for the kids – this way you will show your host your appreciation to the family.Speaking before a meeting with Serbian president-elect Aleksandar Vucic, Gabriel said: "You have a responsibility to continue reforms and to continue to develop better relations with Kosovo."That is an essential precondition for accession to the European Union."Mr Gabriel said he could not give a precise date when Serbia could enter EU.Majority of Serbs are Christians, and Christianity came very soon after the settling of South Slavs in Balkans. It was a very cunning way to introduce Slavs as pagans to the new religion – most of old Slavic gods were implemented in characteristics of Christian saints, and until nowadays we can still find original corelations with ancient Slavic religion. Methodius are considered to be the founders of South Slavic Christianity.For these celebrations hosts usually prepare lots of salads, fish stew and roasted fish. Should you get invited to one’s Slava – consider yourself very honored, as this means that the host thinks of you as a very dear friend.

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