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Head to the Storage and i Cloud Usage option in Settings, and have a look at what it has to say.Those will include getting rid of old i Messages or sending them up to the cloud instead.Press it again to stop the recording, and it’ll be sent into your phone’s camera roll.

Apple’s making it easy to free up space, when you need it, and to keep that space free when you don’t.

It’s added a range of new settings aimed at helping you do that.

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And Apple has also added a screen recording feature for the first time ever.

It’s started by pressing the button in the control centre – so you’ll have to make sure it’s there, using the tips above – and then using your phone as normal.

The apps will still stay on your home screen – but they’ll do so without taking up any storage space, and your phone will have to download them again if you actually want to use them.

But the phone can also advise you on other things to change, too.

This is more useful the bigger the phone, obviously – it’s no coincidence that it first came to the i Pad. Apple has added another, slightly less important, one-handed feature.

You can now zoom in on Maps by using just one hand.

Apple will now let you type more easily with one hand, leaving the other free for whatever you want.


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