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Somehow none of the students had backpacks on, and they all seemed to move like they had been fighting for years. Lots of 'oooohhh, and Ahhhhs' were heard.

Some people yelling to stop them, others cheering certain people on.

YOU ARE READING Teen Fiction Thirty years down the road I'm going to look back and tell my grandchildren how I met there grandfather and how we became inseparable, and hopelessly in love. His eyes were focused on something in the distance. I looked at Rose,she just gave me a shrug, and a look that said ' I'm just as lost as you are' what the hell was happening We ran after him and into the crowd that was still gathering students into its grip. Rose had led the way and I had been holding the back of her backpack to make sure I didn't lose her either. I slowly walked towards her trying to avoid further pushes from my classmates. Students were gathered around as four kids pushed and punched each other.

I'll tell them how we changed each others lives, how we became best friends. The next day, was even more of a blur than the one before. I wasn't sure what to say, if he knew that Joey was in jail, would he tell me that he also sells drugs for Scott? I wasn't really sure how to comfort her you know." "I mean, if he was going to go visit his dad, he could have told me. Nevada yeah I hope he comes back soon for Roses sake." I nervously said. We reach Rose, who was openly flirting with a senior baseball player. Her eyes widened, and she took her hands off his torso. A small crowd was gathering in the direction he was looking. Suddenly I was pushed to the side and my grip on her backpack was lost. I was in the front of the circle I saw Rose a few people down from me. Everyone else had their phones in hand recording the match.

Terrance gave my hand a squeeze and I looked at him.

The two boys who were fighting against Terrance were pushed down and then kicked and punched repeatedly.

The school day ended before I could fully understand that it was over. I know his dad lives in Nevada but like he didn't have to leave so suddenly you know." Terrance was looking down. She had her hand on his torso, and a big smile on her face. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear before waving at Terrance and jogging away. He let go of my hand and started to run towards the crowd that was forming up ahead. Suddenly I saw a familiar face in the fight, it was Terrance.

Terrance was standing outside the school waiting for me. He let go of our embrace and held my hand as we started to walk towards Rose. So Joeys mom lied to Terrance does that mean she doesn't trust him. He was mere inches from her and it looked like he was about to lean in and kiss her. Terrance and one other boy jumped in, making the match a four versus two fight.

Without realization the principal and three teachers showed up and began to disperse the crowd and the boys fighting ran like they were being chased by cops. His name was Denis, and right at that moment Denis was bleeding from his nose and holding his stomach with his hands. "Yeah I'm here, do you still have that extra shirt in your backpack? I don't want my mom to freak out." A small giggle escaped my throat.


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