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If she’s in her car seat for ages she may get quite sweaty.

Allow extra travelling time so you can take a break every few hours.

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Even a quick stop for a nappy change, will let her stretch and kick her legs." Gill "Do take enough food and drink in case you're delayed.

The hand luggage restrictions on liquids don’t apply to your baby’s food and drink.

Ready-made pouches are easy, and you can try them out before you leave so you'll know what she enjoys." Lisa "It’s definitely worth trying to introduce your little one to new tastes while you’re away.

When we took our son to Turkey, he refused to eat jarred baby food but loved the fresh bread, fruit and vegetables on our plates.

Even if travelling by car you may be delayed or get stuck in traffic, so make sure you have plenty of spare supplies." Sue "Pack a baby bottle filled with cooled boiled water in your hand luggage if you’re going by plane.

Cabin air can be very dry so she may like to sip some water if it’s not time for her feed." Aisha "If you’re flying, don’t be afraid to ask the staff for help if you need food or bottles warmed, or to get something from the overhead lockers." Simone "Take a new toy as well as a couple of favourite ones. Jori: He was cute; he was just, um, and I hate sounding shallow like this, but I usually go for taller, muscular guys, and he was my height and I’m really short. That didn’t even come up in conversation until like two hours into the dinner. Rob: Right from the get-go it was actually pretty comfortable. Jori: What I liked about him is that he was very well traveled but super humble about it.Ask the cabin crew and they may offer you a quiet area or unused seats.If you like, you can give yourself some privacy with a carefully placed muslin." Adele "Take the food you knows she likes.Jori: They all disappeared because of the oil on your nose.

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