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they have communicated with the same people who you have).

It considers people who your behavior twins have interacted with to be more likely matches for you.

Matchmaking has never been a simple business, but when you add 16 years of data from a site that estimates has about 14 million unique visitors per month, there's endless opportunity for complexity.

About three years ago, the company decided to delve into that data to help improve its matches.

is the longest running online dating site on the web launched in 1996.

An online matchmaking service for a more mature audience, Matchmaker is an online dating site consisting of 35 serious singles focused on finding long-term serious relationships and those who are marriage minded.

It's another way of determining what you like even if you can't articulate it.

"We don't know exactly what it is," explains Thombre.

Of the women who say that a partner's desire to have kids is a "must have" criteria on, for instance, 57% still have emailed men on the site who don't want to have kids.

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