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Meanwhile, earlier in the week Mike had dropped off Roxanne, the school cow, to be bred by my bull, George Clooney. Herefords are meat cattle — “beefers” in the trade. Next to chubby Roxanne, Katika, my dairy girl, looks like a gazelle. Georgie began pursuing his new potential lady friend around the upper pasture, moaning low in his throat. Roxanne charged and rammed him broadside, almost flipping him over. However, Georgie is male and we all know about teenage boys.

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Our members help to moderate the site in order to ensure that the high values of their fellow members and the quality of the profiles remain consistent.

is a great site for people from rural walks of life.

Our members share your interests so you've already got something in common.

Do you ride but long for the company of a riding partner?

Horse and Country Lovers is a dating and friendship site designed for horse and country singles.

It's both an online community for horse lovers who just want to chat about their favourite equestrian topics and to meet up for riding and other country sports, and a dating site for cowboys and cowgirls.Single country woman and men join to find dates, romance and horse singles for riding buddies. Farmers is an online dating service that is aimed at those whose walks of life are often regarded as far from "online" or virtual."Buying" a bride, for example, is one method of finding someone from abroad.Matchmaking services may bring people together from Europe's former Eastern bloc or perhaps from Asia, and men from North America.It means Lucy will be able to groom her horse every morning and ride him in her lessons all fall. For a long minute they were in a stalemate, facing each other with their chins almost touching the grass. I couldn’t tell if these were tiny signals or just motions flicking away flies.


  1. Chastain made her film debut in the drama Jolene (2008), and gained wide recognition in 2011 for starring roles in half a dozen films, including the dramas Take Shelter and The Tree of Life.

  2. You can either click the /- signs at the top and bottom of the bar, grab and drag the Zoom slider, or click anywhere along the Zoom bar to instantly move to that zoom level.

  3. I would love to say that loneliness and isolation only come with being married to an athlete that plays abroad and that life would be easier if he played in America, but having also experienced that, I can honestly say that while it is different, it comes with a unique set of challenges.

  4. It's also possible for a friendship to move from closeness into attraction as two people realize their relationship is more than "just like" and they have become interested in one another in a romantic way.

  5. China has acquired a reputation—probably justly—for gathering information on its enemies and rivals through sockpuppeteering and other underhanded internet tricks. According to the original proposal, Centcom was looking for a software suite that would allow 50 users to create 10 sockpuppets each, “replete with background, history, supporting details, and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographacilly [sic] consistent.

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