Mac validating package payload

However, sometimes this process is too slow and happens several minutes after enrollment completes, which can cause problems if the user begins to use the machine before all software and tools are installed & configured.

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* Link Check Req * Link Check Ans * Link ADRReq * Link ADRAns * Duty Cycle Req * Duty Cycle Ans * RXParam Setup Req * RXParam Setup Ans * Dev Status Req * Dev Status Ans * New Channel Req * New Channel Ans * RXTiming Setup Req * RXTiming Setup Ans * Proprietary commands (0x80 - 0x FF) can be registered with Register Proprietary MACCommand Encryption and decryption of the FRMPayload is done by calling Encrypt FRMPayload() and Decrypt FRMPayload().

After encryption (and thus before decryption), the bytes are stored in the Data Payload struct. Based on the MIC value, you should be able to know to which type to cast the Payload value, so you will be able to access its fields.

Pkgs are stored on an external file server, such as AWS S3.

A JSON Manifest should be created that defines the location, name, SHA256 hash of each file, and also stored on a file server.

You can request the Lo Ra WAN specification here: https:// Ra WANDevelopers The Lo Ra WAN specification defines various region specific defaults and configuration. For questions, feedback or support, please refer to the Lo Ra Server project forum: https://forum.

Gives the ability to provision packages immediately post enrollment to allow admins the ability to customize the device configurations as needed using their existing tools.

For a detailed screenshot guide of the Console setup, Erik Gomez has created a fantastic blog post here The reason this command has not been implemented until now is due a few historical platform issues and limitations However, when used correctly with 10.12.6 , it has shown to be reliable enough for us to implement it for customers to use, but with a few caveats stated: To have greater control over what packages are installed on enrollment, and also to work around Apple bugs on pre-10.12.6 devices, we advise using the open source tool, Install Applications created by Erik Gomez.

This tool was created and work around the OS platform issues & limitations.

See the examples section of the documentation for more usage examples of this package.


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