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Michael's Church at Clifton Hampden, and on Brent Tor, all of which have ruinous St. This description takes no account of the several important prehistoric monuments and earth-works, which were already in place along the alignment thousands of years before the Roman arrival. may in some remote age have formed a continuous sacred track, for a few isolated stretches still remain. By watching the setting of the stars and specifically one star in the belt of Orion it would have been possible to orientate an alignment from one hilltop to the next over considerable distances.

Both Glastonbury Tor and "The Mump" at Burrowbridge some ten miles to the south-west appear to have been artificially shaped so that their axis align with each other, with an orientation, 27 north of east.

The biggest divergence from this orientation lies in the first/last section from The Hurlers Stone circle to St Michael's Mount, which is much closer to 238 (32 north of east). Michael''s ley has been called a 'corridor of incidence' rather than a 'ley-line' as some of the locations along the alignment are not exactly aligned.

The huge mound that stands in the middle of Marlborough College was known as 'Merlins Mount' and was said to be his burial mound.

New Carbon dating of pieces of charcoal found deep within the mound have now dated it to about 2400 BC.

His father arrived in Colorado and was taken to the Arapaho County Jail to see his son, who was in an isolation cell for his own safety.

On July 5 Holmes had set up an account on the Adult Friend Finder website, with the name ‘Classic Jimbo’.

He said he was looking for ‘casual sex or a fling’, adding the cryptic message: ‘Will you visit me in prison?

’His profile, which shows him with dyed orange hair, describes himself as a ‘light/social drinker’, but in answer to a question about whether he takes drugs he answers: ‘Prefer not to say.’ He adds: ‘Am a nice guy.

Holmes began studying for a Ph D in neuroscience at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver last year but dropped out a month ago.


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