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The identity card should be carried by the retired railway employee/spouse/dependent children during journey and produced on demand by the Ticket Checking staff.However, many cases have come to notice where Family Identity Cards were not obtained by the retiring employees at the time of their in the case of movement from Goods Guards to Sr. However, the benefit of fixation of under rule 1313 (FR-22)(I)(a)(1)R-II will now be admissible in the cases of functional promotions such as promotion from Sr. Naturally under this procedure the categorization and ‘outstanding’ will not figure in the panels.

Severity column represents the severity of the PMR at the time the APAR was opened.

Reference this Ministry’s letter of even number dated on the above subject. Pursuant to the discussion held with the Staff side, Ministry of Railways have, with the approval of the President in partial modification of orders contained in this Ministry’s letter of even number dated decided the following: Percentage distribution of posts in the categories of Shunting Drivers and Diesel Assistant/Electrical Assistants should be revised from the existing to the ratio of ; Percentage distribution of the posts for the category of Technical Supervisors for the cadres where ‘Mistries’ posts are not existing should be revised from the existing :30 to the ratio of :26.

All vacancies arising from will be filled by normal selection procedure.

All vacancies arising out of the restructuring should be filled up by senior employees who should be given benefit of the promotion w.e.f.

The staff side have brought out practical difficulties in following this procedure, as many of the employees have settled at places far away from the station from where they retired, and also their present pass account for the purpose of issue of Post Retirement Complimentary Pass is maintained by a different Railway.

Especially, in the case of widows, it has become difficult to obtain the Family Identity Cards from the parent railway as all the records have been transferred to the new pass issuing authority.2.1 Accordingly, the relevant entries in Annexure ‘B’ & ‘E’ attached to the Board’s restructuring order of even number dated should be substituted by the following; ANNEXURE ‘B’ This restructuring of cadres will be with reference to the sanctioned cadre strength as on .The staff who will be placed in higher grades as a result of implementation of these orders will draw pay in higher grades w.e.f. Staff selected and posted against the additional higher grade posts as a result of restructuring will have their pay fixed under Rule 1313 (FR-22)(I)(a)(1)-R-II w.e.f.Wide publicity of this may be given so that the difficulties involved in obtaining Family Identity Cards by the retired employees/widows are removed.This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Board’s Office. F(E)III/2003/PN1/24 dated (C) A copy of the Gazette Notification No.5/7/2003-ECB&PR dated December, 22,2003 published by the Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, introducing a new restructured defined contribution pension system for all new entrants to Central Government service including Railway service, from Ist of January, 2004 along with a copy of the Resolution dt.10 October,2003 constituting the interim Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) is circulated for information and necessary action.However, in case of placement of Supervisors (erstwhile Mistries) to grade Rs.5000-8000 the instructions contained in Para 13.2 should be followed.


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