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Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame inductee and Band Box artist Lee Sims recalls later recording sessions which were released on the Band Box “Rustique” and “Keyboard” labels having been cut at studios at Alameda & South Pearl (possibly Western Cine) and Evans & South Lipan.

Tom Lundin of the Blog site “The Denver Eye” was told by a local record collector that several sessions resulting in Band Box label releases were recorded in out-of-town studios which probably vouches for sessions by country artists such as Trevor Van, Johnny Dollar and Penny (De Haven) Starr all of whom can’t be traced to the Band Box studio as well as many more sessions back east or likely in Nashville and so on.

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According to some early Band Box artists – the early recordings were recorded in studios around the Denver area.

Then sometime in the early 1960,s it was apparently off to the 5136 West 41st Ave new home to Band Box until it’s demise around 1970 or 1971.Rick also reports having seen some Band Box 78 rpm pressings at some point!The Band Box logo was first registered on January 8th, 1963.The incorrect spelling remained much to the ire of my Grandmother. She would sometimes revisit the topic and I can still hear her today say in her thick Romanian accent that the Romanians are descendants of the Romans and not Slavic, as the name Paskie would imply.” The local Blog site “North of Pueblo” (by former DJ Lisa Wheeler) provides more background information about Vicky Morosan and Band Box.My Grandmother, however, refused to ever use the name Paskie. Vicky resided at 1155 Reed Street in Lakewood, Colorado – a community just west of Denver proper. The Band Box studios were eventually located at 5136 West 41st Avenue (after the early acquisition of Columbine Records in North Denver.A dispute over the name with behemoth Columbia Records got Morosan to change the label’s name to Band Box Records. She was just a working old fool.”” It is reported by this Denver Post article (on the local Denver-based movie “Gears, Grease and Guitars”) that Vicky moved Columbine to a building at 220 Broadway.

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