Dating his ethics instructor

If I cannot get to class, I make sure it is covered or I make sure the students get enough warning to change their plans.

To do otherwise is to set them up for injuries and chronic pain.

My training in Functional Range Conditioning has driven this point home, and now I feel that I have the tools to do the right movement prep without turning warm-ups into touch butt.

As those students practiced and developed good qualities, others gained respect for their teacher, and gradually that person became known as a great teacher.

Because this is a natural process, there is less danger of a corrupted person becoming a well-known teacher.

In the future, perhaps Buddhists could form an organization to certify people as teachers after examining their Dharma understanding as well as their conduct.

Each Buddhist center could make available the requirements for the various levels of teachers and instruct people how to select teachers.

Keeping no secrets does not mean that you have to teach literally everything any time you are asked.

Students have a limit on how much they can absorb, and they need to learn the basics before you show them advanced techniques.

That stinky white belt with claws for nails and funk growing behind his ears?

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