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If the GPS is not providing you with correct directional information, you may need to update the software or download new maps onto the device.Connect the Garmin Street Pilot C340 with the USB cord to your PC and log on the Garmin website for available updates.

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Garmin Street Pilot C340 is a navigational device that launched the popular C series of Garmin GPS units.

It offers text-to-speech navigational directions, maps, traffic information, warnings and more.

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Just bought a nice Garmin c580 with City Navigator North America NT 2008. I'm trying to figure out how much m it costs to update and if that's more expensive than buying a new unit...

You can get used old-style GTM-20's on e Bay that will work but as noted above, by the time you pay for maps and a traffic receiver, you are pretty close to a new device.

First, is the MSRP for numaps lifetime map updates.

They offer a variety of mapping options at no cost. My older c340 recognizes the map "City Navigator North America NT 2013.40", but my newer c580 does not. 2013.40 is too tight a fit on the c580's internal memory, but 2013.10 is 220M smaller and fit just fine.

Maps are downloaded from the site and then installed on your GPS using Mapsource or Basecamp. A "City Navigator North America NT 2013.40" is 1.83GB. I had to delete all the voices I didn't use to make room, but my c580 map is now updated. As for my c340, there doesn't seem to be any reliable information on how to install a map in the internal memory.

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