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This file is an addition to the Archive format specifically for Item Update.

The optional suppress_undo file is a flag to indicate that the 'undo archive' should not be written to disk.

A note on terminology: item refers to a DSpace item.

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metadata field refers to a specific instance pairing a metadata element to a value.

As with Item Importer, the idea behind the DSpace's simple archive format is to create an archive directory with a subdirectory per item.

For bitstreams, 'add' and 'delete' are similarly available.

All these actions can be combined in a single batch run.

The mandatory argument indicates the metadata fields in the dublin_file to be added unless already present (multiple fields should be separated by a semicolon ';').

However, duplicate fields will not be added to the item metadata without warning or error.

One probable scenario for using this tool is where there is an external primary data source for which the DSpace instance is a secondary or down-stream system.

Metadata and/or bitstream content changes in the primary system can be exported to the simple archive format to be used by Item Update to synchronize the changes.

This file lists the bitstreams to be deleted, one bitstream ID per line.

Currently, no other identifiers for bitstreams are usable for this function.

class to identify files for deletion or one of the aliases (e.g.

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