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Your discussion on the cultural ecology of courgars couldn’t have been better.

Every man wants to be the object of desire - to be sexually craved and pursued and treated like the king you deserve to be.

From the perspective of a cultural ecologist, an older woman’s best chance at conception would be with a sexually healthy and active male; typically, a younger male.

(The availability of older men was probably slim due to deaths incurred from high-risk activities like hunting.) Competition from other men for younger females may scare off some younger males, compelling them to seek other women in the group to help pass on their genes.

– forced women to remain sexually active for as long as possible for a greater chance at offspring survival.

Prime fertility years for most women occur in their late teens to mid-twenties, and due to the ease of conception during this slim time frame, younger women do not have to spend much time having sex. Due to her advancing age, an older woman’s eggs may not be as viable as they once were.Why is your ultimate MILF, sugar momma, and cougar dating solution?When you have a specific need or desire, you seek it out at the source, right?refers to a recent trend in love and dating that seems to have just emerged from the closet – or bedroom.Cougars: they are sexually and romantically active middle-aged women who seek “cubs,” younger men usually in their early twenties and thirties.To the feminist anthropologist, the recent attention shift toward cougars can be explained by the increased scholastic and financial independence of women in the past few decades.


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  5. After being told she was too short to be a model, Ashley considered becoming a lawyer and getting a degree in psychology.

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