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I was delighted to meet so many powerful, great and resistant women who are brave enough to put up with the discriminative behavior codes that stretches our society to the limits.

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Speaking out like this and writing about single mothers gave me the opportunity to resist and shake the power of male hegemony.

Thinking that men are more powerful, more educated and perhaps more civilized only exacerbates the biological differences between the sexes.

It is just striking (excuse the pun) to see the way violence agains and oppression of women is discussed within mainstream culture.

Following this vein, the important thing that must be considered is that my experience in Ibtissama Center for single mothers was indelible.

I believe that the importance of a girl’s virginity and its strong association with honor and her family’s honor is deeply rooted in the Moroccan culture.

This importance is structured and revealed in the Moroccan penal code, which makes loss of virginity an aggravating circumstance of rape.

Moreover, “the intact hymen” serves to churn out the family’s honor, which relies heavily on people’s cognition.

A non-virgin is usually weighed as loose, a slut or even a whore since she has offered up her sacred body for free.

Halima, like her sisters, suffers from serious segregation, intolerance, brutality and discrimination, both in the private arena and the public.


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