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I'm impressed with their level of organisation and what I loved was the fact that actually everything seemed planned and rehearsed and they had kind of thought about pretty much everything in terms of the organisation of the event.It is the little things that make a big difference so that was really important and helped gel the day.

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This year really demonstrated how the glacial shift towards a more universal coverage model across all areas is increasing from where it was 2/5/10 years ago.

It also showed how the industries which were lightly regulated previously are having to up their game - there are a lot of new challenges and work for them.

so we are not just dealing with assistants in legal teams.

The people we're talking to are the people we like to go and see are actually in the law firms or in those particular companies.

We do many legal conferences and forums but we saw a real opportunity with coming to the General Counsel and Compliance Strategy Forum today.

The big draw for me was actually the opportunity to go and meet some people who are probably experiencing the same sort of business issues that I am.The food has been good, the venue did a good job of getting people organised into the lines so that there weren’t any delays, we’ve had fantastic weather and the grounds are beautiful. Very well organised, lots of really good calibre companies represented and lots of interesting GCs, assistant GCs and Chief Compliance officers willing to share their challenges and experiences.There is simply no comparative conference forum that brings all the diverse industries across the financial regulated and corporate sector together like this.Do you see people in the halls and not know their names?If you answered yes to any of these questions, interdepartmental speed dating might be right for you!The highlight has been I think the quality of the people we have been able to interact with.


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