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, Nebraska is an agricultural based community of about 800 people in northeast Nebraska.

The area was settled in the late 1860's and incorporated in 1888.

Community Members are encourage to contact Superintendent, Mikal Shalikow at 402.447.6294 or [email protected] preschool this year, we have 11 kids in the morning and 12 in the afternoon.

Missing: Colton Banks, Kyler Mc Daniel and Case Sukup. If a baby is not learning or growing appropriately he can’t wait for help.

Morning preschool pictured (L-R) Back row: Brooklyn Wiese, Ali Chilson, Everett Nelson, Hazel Weier, Jovie Fritz. Kylie Sweeter, who prepared the successful application, and to the local farmers who nominated us to apply! If you have concerns about your baby or another child’s development, the Early Development Network can help.

We spend each week focusing on a new theme, letter, sound, color, shape, and number.

Center exploration is a great time for the kids to freely learn new skills such as sharing and taking turns.

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Front row: Laramie King, Sophia Guthard, Brooklynn Lauritsen, Hayleigh Jarvis, CJ Hall. Newman Grove High School is an America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education Grant Winner! We hope you will join us at our check presentation celebration. The Early Development Network helps children birth to 3 years of age and their families access services and supports.

We’re exited to announce our school has been chosen to receive an America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education grant, which will be used to improve our agriculture and science programs. If a child’s development is delayed or if he has been diagnosed with a health condition that will affect his development, the Early Development Network will .

Local package is required for all levels of services tiers.


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