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Well, certainly it is a popularity contest with all sorts of names to remember come election day.

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All that Gilbert Teodoro has done is made himself more popular.

He has yet to address the country’s needs and provide solutions for its problems. I leave it up to the universe to expose him for what he truly is – an actor who knows how to play the part.

In a previous post in the Philippines Funwall, I had some unkind words to say about Gilbert Teodoro and the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) earlier in October at the height of the disasters brought by the storms that ravaged the Philippines.

Anyway, I did announce back then that Glbert Teodoro lost my vote.

And what is family if not the backbone of our society?

With that argument in mind, I could presume that Gilbert Teodoro (and Noynoy Aquino for that matter) are not such dedicated members of their family, causing a great divide with their decision to run against each other for the Philppine Presidency. The news that Gilbert Teodoro was frantically shopping around for a vice president just goes to show his unpreparedness for the Presidential campaign.At the very least, the Gilbert Teodoro and Edu Manzano campaign will surely be entertaining.Certainly, the political soirees of the Gibo-Edu pair will bring the likes of Luis Manzano (Edu’s son), maybe Angel Locsin (if Luis can keep her long enough), and Pinky Webb, whom Edu Manzano is currently dating. Now – that also says something about your vice presidential candidate. If he is, then maybe he might win my vote after all.Also, with all the things going on in the country, I’ve just had to shrug my shoulders and kinda sigh.It’s not that I’m hopeless, but it’s just that I’d rather follow the wise words of Thumper who said, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.” In keeping with that wise saying, I’d like to share my thoughts on the decision of defense secretary and presidential aspirant Gilbert Teodoro to pick showbiz personality Edu Manzano as his running mate for vice president.Eventually, Gilbert Teodoro settled for Edu Manzano – the fomer Optical Media Board chairperson and also an actor.

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