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It just makes the story confusing-that shouldn't have been included for the sake of coherency.

I also felt like some of the questions he asks you are leading and poking fun at things but I don't know how to take what he says.

I feel like he's sort of blaming the person playing the game for their choices 'I wonder what that says about you' because I chose to look at one portion before the other.

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The rage, the helplessness, and the loneliness the protagonist feels are all emotions I've felt, and it's reassuring to see those feelings in a story like this. Not because it is a bad game; but because I don't know how I'll react to it. but I'll never forget this game, and I'll probably never play it again.

I ended up playing this on another site, and it worked there.

You told me anyway and implied I was a jerk for not feeling like looking at them.

I feel like it's sort of hostile at a viewer who wants to hear the story but can't be sympathetic-you can only really get choices that are 'less jerk' ones.

The lampshades are dark and I like those, but I feel like a jerk for considering to say anything that isn't vague and slightly less mean when in real life my half truths aren't less versions of mean things or caustc/sardonic emotions. I like the feeling of being trapped into coming out and being led on by the mother, but I felt like it was sort of weird to be told afterwards that the father wasn't there and that the had a brother.

It messes with your view of the story and makes you wonder what really happened.It sort of feels manipulative to have that threat and keep thinking 'This is supposed to be a true story : what actually happened if the father said none of this stuff? I read an interview with the developer in which he said that he needed to do this because it was painful to write about it, which I can understand.Perhaps it just needed to be handled a little more candidly at the outset. a special 'The Truth' setting, which could be unlocked after playing through, and indicates how the conversation *really* went as you replay the game, would have been more interesting in my opinion. He includes 'It gets better' in a sarcastic way as if to mock it from the viewer point of view (which I have no problems with) and then does says he like the project.I don't know if the viewer is supposed to be someone he really wants to know about him, or representing a slightly jerkish person you might meet say in a cafe.Here are my impressions from a replay I viewed the credits and about first and got a little confused as to why he needed to say 'real name vs legal name' The narrator is nicer when these are viewed. There are no right answers in two ways yes, but I feel like there is also nothing nice or happy you can say.


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