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The company focused on managing the franchisees, not the merchandise.Benetton lacked global control, consistency, and the ability to move merchandise in and out of stores in response to increasingly more rapid changes in fashion.

Liz (Emily Mortimer), the oldest, is married to Dylan (Steve Coogan), a documentary filmmaker.

Their marriage is failing as Dylan shows no sexual or emotional interest in Liz.

The latest scandal involving Benetton was a photoshopped picture of Pope Benedict kissing Mohammed Ahmed al-Tayeb the Grand Imam of Cairo’s Al Azhar mosque.

Predictably, Catholics were not amused, and Muslims threatened to kill lots of people.

The fashion industry still pushes girls and women to buy newer stuff, that no one else has, but the selling line is value and uniqueness of the clothes, rather than the shock value of the advertising campaign.

Planned new products include color-changing clothes, improved anti-wrinkling, and other new technology that is proprietary to various lines allowing a higher price than rivals. With the selling experience carefully controlled by a top-down global merchandising hierarchy.When the most popular youth show “Glee” (highest ratings for teen females) features two underage male characters in a gay kiss, on Primetime on Broadcast TV on America’s #2 or #3 Network (depending on how you count), there is not much shock left.Meanwhile, a smaller White teen female population makes fitting in rather than standing out more socially rewarding.The campaign was pulled, and groveling apologies commenced.But this about-face only served to highlight Benetton’s weakness. Which did not require lots of capital but gave up control.By contrast, Inditex (Zara) and H&M own their own shops, and follow the Apple Store model.


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