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Before continuing, please make note of the make and model of your sound card prior to removing it in order to aid in reinstallation at a later date. 68 A0376E00 PUSH iw3mp.006E37A0 ; |Arg2 = 006E37A0 ASCII "Error initializing direct sound instance!

Uninstall your sound card drivers as follows: Then let Windows install its default sound drivers.

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If that doesn’t solve the issue, try the next suggestion.

If you are running the game from a secondary partition, download and install the latest BIOS updates from your motherboard manufacturer.

This is the startup command line for the above instructions: (Windows Only) "C:\cod4\iw3mp.exe" There are a ton of cfg's running around, some are correct, and some are wrong or are invalid for the way the game is designed.

You will find that only certain variables can be changed when your server is stock, or in RANKED mode. If you get a Direct X error, you will need to install this file.

This will take quite a few hours, so time it so it does not interfere with your normal pc usage.

The next thing to do is get the Punkbuster server files.

Disclaimer: I’ve made this thread to collect the various solutions to this problem that are scattered across the interwebs.

Please add an answer if you have an alternative solution! A3 D4824001 |MOV DWORD PTR DS:[14082D4], EAX 0057A803 |. 8B0D D43E7200 |MOV ECX, DWORD PTR DS:[723ED4] 0057A80E |. C746 2C 00200|MOV DWORD PTR DS:[ESI 8],0C800 0057A845 |.

- Login to your box and create a folder on the desktop called "pbsetup".

- Download from Evenbalance to your new pbsetup folder from this link: - Run and click "Add a Game". You might need to browse to the iw3file so that pbsetup knows where your Co D4 server is located.- Once you have added your Co D4 server, select/highlight the Co D4 server in the list and click "Check For Updates".

Make sure your game install is patched and fully operational, including Punkbuster.

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