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Part two will focus on those old churches that are still standing but are no longer used as they were originally intended (and a few that are, but only the old ones…).

For continuity, I have sometimes included the existing version of a building where applicable.

To note early on: the Kruger government at the time granted a double stand, free of purchase price and license, to each church that applied.

Every so often, Israeli archaeologists make an announcement that others run with in attempts to prove the Bible a history book.

Few serious scientists and non-believing scholars today view the Bible as an infallible history textbook, but that fact will not stop the faithful from trying to fit each piece of pottery, every building block found in Israel, into the biblical picture.

Bousfield from Pretoria who conducted the first Anglican service in October 1886 in the dining room of the Central Hotel (Commissioner Street near Sauer Street) in Ferriera’s camp.

At the end of the service a subscription list was opened for the erection of a church. Ross, the Standard Bank manager, was appointed treasurer.

In this way, we have been subjected to a raucous parade of “artifacts” in recent years, such as the so-called James Ossuary with a forged inscription; the “Jesus Family Tomb,” which was useless for biblical purposes; the fake ivory pomegranate supposedly from Solomon’s temple, and the bogus “Yoash/ Jehoash inscription,” which purportedly proved the temple’s existence once and for all.

Even more recently, a scrap of what is claimed to be the oldest Hebrew writing was used to “prove” the Bible correct, even though it does nothing of the sort.Sources & Further Reading Prehistoric Building Found in Modern Israeli City Biblical Artifacts Declared Fakes: Arrests in Israel for Forgery Oldest Hebrew writing proves Bible? This is part one of a piece on lost churches on early Johannesburg.on the corner of Commissioner and Harrison street with the people sitting on planks. Mary’s Parish was built on the corner of Eloff & Kerk Street in 1887 and was designed by Fred Holman. the teak altar and chancel furniture were made by George Weeks of Grahamstown from designs by Sydney Stent.From the 24 June 1887, services were held at the Rand club in Loveday Street (which was still being built at the time) until St. The altar is evidently in the English church in Mayfair (something for further investigation).The first service for high holidays in 1887 was held in the original Rand Club in Commissioner Street officiated by Rabbi Joel Rabinowitz.


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