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This makes for a convenient one piece design, particularly if the slot is on the "top" of your handheld as it will still fit into your pocket.However, the downside of using plug-in GPS receivers is that they get their power from the handheld.RIM, Nokia, Windows Mobile, etc) at the top of this web page.

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However, if you are going to play more than one round a day, or have a habit of forgetting to charge things, then getting a combo unit is a real plus.

Note: Combo units are a little larger than rechargeable (only) receivers as they include a battery compartment.

If you walk most of the time, then you might want to consider getting a Compact Flash or SDIO-based GPS receiver.

These GPS receivers insert directly into the top (or side) of your handheld.

Or, you can purchase a handheld mounting system (i.e.

suction cup mount) for your cart's windshield or dash board, from most handheld suppliers.First, you will need to determine if your handheld includes support for Bluetooth (i.e. If it does, then adding a Bluetooth GPS receiver to your system is a real possibility (more later).Second, determine if your handheld includes a Compact Flash slot or an SDIO slot.on-line manuals) by clicking on the Manuals tab at the top of If your handheld/smartphone does not include an embedded GPS chip in it, then you will need to get a Bluetooth-based GPS receiver.You can view our list of compatible GPS receivers/smartphones by clicking here. After your new GPS receiver or smartphone is working, start a New Round of golf from within Intelli Golf. To attached your GPS receiver to your golf cart or golf bag, we recommend using a piece of double-sided Velcro.


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