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REST implementation uses the Badger Fish approach for JSON with some minor variations.

The following is a list of the possible data fields returned by this operation in the JSON response.

Digi Pay Solutions is a recognized payment processing brand among leading online dating service providers.

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The company, valued at $2.3 billion, went public in November 2016.

A 2015 study by Pew Research Center found 15 percent of Americans have used online dating, 41 percent know someone who uses online dating, and 29 percent know someone whose online dating experience culminated in marriage or a long-term partnership.

Online dating and mobile dating apps have gained popularity and acceptance in the digital age.

Digi Pay Solutions has created an “Online Dating Payment Processing Primer” with important information about setting up a merchant account, controlling chargebacks, managing risk and keeping merchant accounts in good standing.

Digi Pay’s team of experts, combined with our partners’ proven record of successful online dating services, can facilitate successful new company launches and help existing businesses grow and scale.

Online dating is a -billion-dollar industry in the United States, expanding at a rate of 5 percent year-over-year between 20.

This code represents the locally used activity code.

These are generally regionally based industry identification systems.

Online dating statistics trend higher among college graduates and affluent Americans, Pew researchers found.

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