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Keep up with this story and more From left, Jaylen Fryberg poses with his brother and father after a hunt.Jaylen, an avid hunter, was given guns for birthdays by his father, and often posted images of himself with game he had killed while hunting. They arrested him in March on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm.Before she could stop him, Jaylen finished reloading and aimed the black barrel at his neck and fired. A co-principal ordered the school on lockdown and darted between his office and the cafeteria, desperate to figure out if an active shooter was still on the loose.

The cafeteria was noisy and smelled of cheap pizza as some 150 students buzzed around.

Jaylen, 15, was dressed in all black and, as he often did, had his long dark hair parted down the center and tied into a bun concealed beneath a hat.

Like when you’re staring at something for so long and you’re just spaced out? And after that first shot, you could tell he just needed to keep going.

There was no turning back after that.”Gia was on her side, still moving, and Keryn grabbed her hand.

But when he lost his teenage son Jaylen last year, the community turned on him.

That sounds unspeakably cruel, but Jaylen’s wasn’t an ordinary death; he died in a murder-suicide that was the deadliest high school shooting in a decade, the second deadliest since Columbine.The tragedy was likely also the only major school shooting in which the killer solely targeted his friends.And the families of those friends he killed were Jaylen’s cousins and neighbors. As the families of those dead children crowdfunded funeral costs and distributed rubber memorial bracelets, Ray became a pariah.He said nothing as, one by one, the skilled hunter calmly took aim at each of his friends and fired, working clockwise around the table until he emptied the clip.He shot Shaylee, Zoe, Nate and Gia once each and Andrew twice. Carmen thought Jaylen had popped a bag of chips until she saw smoke.Carmen Lopez takes a selfie with Jaylen Fryberg on October 23, 2014, one day before the shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, when they were in art class.

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