Duggar and bates dating

(The Duggars were in East Tennessee visiting the Bates last week.) Gil and Kelly Bates put the rumor to rest: "I think that probably Lawson and Jana would both be shocked by that news, although we have heard that rumor," said Kelly.

online, then you're likely very well aware of the intense fan interest in Jana Duggar's love life.

“Jana and I laughed so hard about this,” her cousin Amy Duggar, serving as her unofficial spokeswoman on the matter, wrote on Instagram.

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Dubbed "the Cinderella Duggar," Jana is 27, which makes her practically an old maid in a culture like her family's.

Duggar women are taught from a young age that procreation is their sole reason for being, making her single status peculiar. Of course, Jana has caught the attention of several suitors over the years, but she's clearly not willing to settle down with just anyone. Here's a brief rundown of all the men that were rumored to have had an eye for Jana at one time or another.

“Jana just wasn’t interested,” a source explained at the time.

“She wasn’t attracted to him and just didn’t see it working out.” Shortly thereafter, rumors about Jana and Lawson Bates, another member of the semi-famous Bates clan, began to circulate online.

Rumors recently swirled that the oldest Duggar daughter, Jana is courting — aka dating with the intention to marry — her close family friend and star Lawson Bates!

MUST SEE: Jinger Duggar Is Reportedly Pregnant With Baby No. In fact, the rumors have gotten so much attention that even Lawson’s mother, Kelly Jo Gates, felt the need to weigh in. (Photo Credit: Instagram) “I think that probably Lawson and Jana would both be shocked by that news, although we have heard that rumor,” his mom wrote.He was interested, too; Tebow may have been a tabloid goldmine, but Bates was the real deal in terms of wooing Duggar.Yet it seems that for whatever reason, Zach just didn't float her boat.Jana is, after all, the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and certainly the whole package as far as courtship material. Back in 2014, rumors of Jana courting Tim Tebow (yes, the former NFL star and current minor league baseball player) briefly circulated.At first, both parties were suspiciously quiet, but after weeks of being paired up in the minds of fans, they both publicly dismissed the reports.(The Duggars were actually in East Tennessee visiting the Bates last week.) Visit our Bates blog to read Gil and Kelly Bates' response.


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