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You automatically have something in common -- you’re all making your way in a foreign environment, navigating new cultural norms, and longing for a decent burrito/pizza/coffee/whatever it is your host country lacks.Not just that, but sometimes it can be a great comfort to talk to people who know where you’re coming from, even if you’re not expats from the same country.Speaking of sporting events, are there any going on in your community?

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But for those of you in a place where English isn’t the primary language, language classes are key for bringing together expatriates.

It helps you immerse in the culture better, be more successful at your job, and -- if you're lucky -- help you make a friend or two.

Get on Facebook and ask your friends if they know of anyone where you’re living, even if it’s a friend of a friend.

It might not amount to anything, but if it does, you’re winning. Think of how many big cities have a Chinatown -- that's a prime example of an expat community in an adopted land.

Most importantly, keep your ears open and don’t be shy.

If you hear of a social meeting of expats, ask if you can join in.

Alternatively, bookshops can be a great place to meet other expats.

For example, you’d be hard pressed to meet an expat in South Korea who hadn’t heard of Seoul’s “What the Book?

” -- an expat hotspot that attracted English speakers stationed all over the country.

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