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' I'm glad you kept that picture to yourself on the way over. But I'm very fond of baths.'' You mean six inches of lukewarm water in a tub? The H's brother arranges for the h to stay on the island because it's safe and remote and the h needs to crack some computer code to help try and find her missing brother.'' That's not a bath.' Poppy reached inside her coat pocket for her phone and scrolled through her photos for the rose be-petalled white stone glory of a bathhouse she'd visited in Turkey last year. The h is socially awkward but wonderful with the H and their story is really cute and hot.' It comes in handy for securing online interactions and the like.'' You mean cryptology,' said Mal and grinned when Poppy blinked.

I don't even know the man.' Poppy had lapsed into uncertain silence after that, and skipper Mal had ordered her up into the seat next to him and made her pour him a mug of coffee from a thermos, and one for her, too.

He had sugar cubes on hand, the old-fashioned kind that horses loved, and he hadn't waited to see if she'd wanted any, just plopped three in her mug and told her to drink up.

' He knows.'' Because I can't get him on the radio.'' I know.' Mal had been trying to contact Sebastian Reyne every ten minutes for the past hour. Fisherman Mal had also wanted to put a couple of Marlin lines out and strap Poppy into the fighting-fish chair on the way across, seeing as Poppy was already paying him top dollar for the run, but Poppy had disabused him of that notion fast.' No, thank you,' she'd told him politely. I look at the ocean and it's bottomless and the only way is down.

' I'm not big on game fishing.' Or any other fishing that required one to actually be on the water. I know how it goes.' Mal had laughed and told her that the fishing process had moved on somewhat since then, but he hadn't pushed her, and around half an hour into their journey he'd finally twigged that Poppy had a quiet case of rapidly escalating terror on her hands.' Problems with Seb? I don't usually travel by boat if I can help it.

Or earlier if I call you and we can arrange a time that suits. I've paid.'' You're booked, you've paid, and pickup's weather-dependent. They reached the side door to the warehouse, a stu... I adored Poppy, the h, who is a genius but who is also incredibly shy and not great with people.

Having said that, the forecast isn't showing any big bad.'' Those clouds don't look big and bad to you? They're nothing.' Skipper Mal reached for his pocket and pulled out his phone. ' This is a cloud.' No, Poppy was pretty sure that was a cyclone front. ' Better you than me.'' You really don't like the ocean, do you? Even inland rivers and lakes don't really work for me. The H is her work colleague's brother and has his own island.She is married with two children, avoids cooking and cleaning, and despite the best efforts of her family, is no sports fan!Kelly is however, a keen gardener and has a fondness for roses.Nothing personal, wariness was just her way, but she offered up a small, rueful smile of apology and brought out her manners and said, ' Thank you,' as he hauled her up beside him. ' she said of the long, narrow building that began on the beach and stretched a good fifty metres out over the water.' Looks a little overde-signed.'' Yeah, well, I'd keep that opinion to myself if I were you,' said Captain Mal dryly.' he'd asked, eyeing her sharply as she stood behind him, as close as she could get to the man without assaulting her personal space limits or his.' Not yet,' she'd said. Unfortunately, it's the only way to get to the island.'' Couldn't Seb have come to you?

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