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University of Leicester’ Samantha Burke found that the Greeks used their sophisticated understanding of geometry to create housing with the mathematically minimum exposure to public view while maximizing available light.

Athenian philosophy proved far more popular than their architecture.

If I want to know whether I will suffer a heart attack, I will have to release my data for public research.

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The markers of an early heart attack or dementia will be the same that correspond to an argument with a spouse or if an employee is dozing off at work.

No behavior will escape categorization—which will give us unprecedented superpowers to extend healthy life.

In Greece’s far less egalitarian successor, Rome, the landed gentry built their homes with wide open gardens.

Turning one’s house into a public museum was an ostentatious display of wealth.

Sex, breastfeeding, and bathing were shamelessly performed in front of friends and family.

The lesson from 3,000 years of history is that privacy has almost always been a back-burner priority.

What can we tell with basic health information, such as calories burned throughout the day? With a rudimentary step and calorie counter, I was able to distinguish whether I was having sex or at the gym, since the minute-by-minute calorie burn profile of sex is quite distinct (the image below from my health tracker shows lots of energy expended at the beginning and end, with few steps taken.

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