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This direct link between the Neocons and the marriage strike proves that the marriage strike is a Neocon plot.

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So, who own the marriage strike, now that one half of the population of the western world is finally admitting that it exists – and why does it seem so remarkable to them? Go to National Review and read Kathryn Jean Lopez’s article on Arrested Development. I know guys who would like to settle down, women who would too, but all of them seem to be coming at the idea of it with a lot of baggage, and no, man/woman shaming doesn’t seem to the be the answer…the all men are/ all women are statements make me ill. I mean, it could be an interesting thing to explore.

The primary responsibility of any business (including media) is to survive. For starters, the “me first” attitude has to be toned down.

.not at all because thanks to feminism, marriage has become a financially and emotionally unviable proposition for modern men. If we assume the Times is catering to their shareholders, advertisers and customers then they’ve hit a home run. I mean, it could be an interesting thing to explore.

Isn’t it also remarkable that feminists consistently attempt to reframe the Marriage Strike as a Well, if we assume the Times is striving for clarity and balance then they’ve struck out. It actually mentions why Feminists are some of the cause of the Marriage Strike. Talking to a Rabid Feminist is like trying to teach a Pig to Sing. quote: So, really, what is a solution for these people?

What underlies these women’s arguments is that they are not criticizing all men over 35 who haven’t been in a committed relationship.

They are criticizing only the men in this catagory THAT THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO!

The difference is only two things: 1) They cared about what they wanted more than they cared what the woman wanted. I’d prefer Angelina Jolie but I’d still love to play with that pretty blonde receptionist who works at the library. I support what she strives for and she supports me. When there is problems, we work together to solve them.

Doesn’t mean they didn’t care about what the woman wanted, just they cared what they wanted more. So if you have a small pecker, don’t worry about it. I’d prefer a perfect 10, but I’d still love to play with that dirty size 16 who does that thing with the lolly pop. I have been told since I was a small child how awful the male of the species was. We have been married for 40 plus years now and I can only think of two times where heated arguments occurred and we ended up laughing about them afterwords.

Prostitution should be allowed so that the ordinary man can have release.

Kids will be fathered by the alpha males, but it is women who have to solely rear and provide for them without the help of lesser males.

Here goes: “the marriage strike is a Neocon plot” “The Neocon, “Dr.” Helen, has used the City Journal article on her blog and at Pajamas Media to whip up men into another frenzy of hate against women and promote the marriage strike once again.


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