Dallas dating fort texas worth who is chris botti dating 2016

“Gross income, what kind of car you drive, number of credit cards,” said Wright…

“Criminal, health history, financial,” said the CBS11 manager.

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He said hours of high pressure tactics turned into a $15,000 bill.

“You sign the receipt and you’re like ‘what the hell? CBS11 sent a news manager to Dallas & Fort Worth Singles to go through the process. When she was done, her experience mirrored Wright’s.

He wasn’t able to convey his thoughts,” added David Saladino.

When the Saladino’s found out, they contacted the company that day.

Gill said her worst experience was when her manager had her repeatedly call an elderly client.

“She had me call and harass a lady – a 72-year-old lady! [Because] the lady wrote a bad review to the BBB, Better Business Bureau,” said Gill. “How dare they take advantage of him,” said Stephanie Saladino about her father, Paul Planz who suffers from the disease. COM) – A North Texas dating company is at the center of complaints alleging high pressure sales tactics, claims of lying and taking advantage of a man with Alzheimer’s disease.But the company has repeatedly requested “proof” of Mr.Planz’ Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia and that has never been provided.She made an appointment Friday for that Monday and received texts all weekend. Both Wright and the CBS11 Manage were told they had matches “right away”.


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