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So we had to intubate him again to retrieve it”, Dr Kumudha Lingaraj, head of anaesthesia said to Zee news.

After removing the pieces of blade, the patient, who was put on ventilators for four days underwent a loop ileostomy to remove the stick.

Sex and sexuality have long been considered a sensitive subject here and policy makers perceiving socio-cultural constraints to discuss this issue are cautious to introduce such discussions in the public realm (Nag, 1998).

Preliminary investigations revealed the presence of pus in his liver, because of which required him to go through an immediate surgery.

However, the further tests showed a blade in the man’s respiratory tract and a 10 cm stick in his intestine.

Communication is broadly defined as the exchange of information between people (Rogers and Kincaid, 1981).

Communication networks are comprised of individuals linked to each other by virtue of the information they exchange.

Accoring to reports by Zee news,the patients name is kalidoss and he arrive at the hospital with abdominal pain and fever on June 8.

He had to be operated thrice to remove the objects.

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Health promotion interventions such as those to promote family planning (Kincaid, 2001) and HIV prevention (Latkin, 1998) have used peer social networks as an important starting point to change behaviour.

Peers have influenced HIV risk behaviours through exchange of information, modeling and reinforcement and facilitating acquisition of new sexual and drug use partners (Fisher, 1988).

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