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One lazy Saturday I was sitting around when the phone rang. All that was left was getting Maggie and me down there.

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When I got off the plane, I immediately saw April waiting for me. It was weird since all of our relationship was such a secret, kissing in the middle of an airport felt odd.

She was wearing a black bikini with one of those ruffle skirt things covering her crotch area, and a black tank top over her upper body. She was gently undulating against me, and my cock was already hard as rock as it poked through my khakis. April told me to get my pants off as soon as we were in the car.

Eventually April moved out of state due to her husband's job transfer, and Maggie and I remained together in a fairly normal relationship. It had been almost six months since April had moved out of state. April, a little buzzed, told her the whole story of our affair and Maggie. She explained to April that she had a vacation property in Florida where they could go for a girl's weekend.

We had only seen her once since she departed, and she never called or e-mailed because she was so careful. She'd share her house if April would share her man.

Never knowing when we'd get together next was wearing me out. I need to get laid so badly I lured my husband into bed and that was so awful it just made things worse.

April suggested that I find a gal who'd be into both us, thus entered Maggie. I need an 'us' session." "April, I just can't drop everything and fly to Pennsylvania.

She's naturally pretty, and doesn't accentuate much with makeup, jewelry, or dress.

April looked as good the morning after a night of hard sex as she did before I peeled her panties off.

I'd have a great weekend with April, and I'd come home to my right hand. We were still having plenty of sex, but the more it morphed into a normal relationship, the more I had to do shit like listen to boring stories about her day, travel two hours to see her cousin's new baby, and go to crappy movies together. I left Thursday after work on a dinner time flight to Florida.

I couldn't wait to see April after so long, but I was also anxious to meet Julie.

She keeps a little fur down below, and is thick, but by no means overweight. Because I'm an idiot, I have a tendency to always want what I don't have.

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