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(engines blast) (music- big pounding drums) So the first thing we do is make this really radical divert maneuver We fly off to the side.

Adam Steltzner: Diverting away from the parachute, killing our horizontal velocity and our vertical velocity getting the rover moving straight up and down, so it can look at the surface with its radar-and see where were gonna land.

Even without the underlying map, the outlines of many continents would still be visible.

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The Earth Observatory article Bright Lights, Big City describes how NASA scientists use city light data to map urbanization.

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If any one thing doesnt work just right, its game over.

(whoosh) (music -tension/drums steadily building) Adam Steltzner: We slam into the atmosphere and develop so much aerodynamic drag, our heat shield, it heats up and it glows like the surface of the sun. Miguel San Martin: During entry, the vehicle is not only slowing down- violently, though the atmosphere, but also we are guiding it, like an airplane!

Because weve got literally seven minutes to get from the top of the atmosphere to the surface of Mars- going from 13,000 miles an hour to zero, in perfect sequence, perfect choreography, perfect timing...

and the computer has to do it all by itself, with no help from the ground.

And we head straight down to the bottom of a crater right beside a six kilometer-high mountain!

(music- grand) Anita Sengupta: We cant get those rocket engines too close to the ground.

(music intensifies- heavier percussion) or dead, on the surface, for at least seven minutes.

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