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Finding them, though, can be a trial-by-fire enterprise that requires serious listening hours.

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The show also produced post-November 8 call-in episodes, which asked people of contradicting creeds to talk it out with podcast darlings like Anna Sale, Brian Lehrer, and Manoush Zomorodi. The audio revolutionary Jad Abumrad and his team became interested in the Supreme Court after working on a story about a complex adoption case involving the Indian Child Welfare Act.

The story, as does each reveals the source of its greatness—the hosts have old souls, despite only being in their 30s, and they know everything about the young web.

(say, “life as an au pair isn’t easy”) doesn’t capture how incredible any given episode actually is.

The podcast uncovers topics that you didn’t know you knew so little about (wildfires, the Zika virus, welfare) and renders it into the audio version of high-definition color.

—brilliant, nerdy, and cool—takes the unable-to-wrap-your-mind-around-it internet and crams it into one cozy podcast episode.

Gateway Episode: “The Grand Tapestry of Pepe”Banner Episodes: “On the Inside Parts I, II, III and IV” manages to uphold high journalistic standards instead of trafficking in monster stories or gory details.

Fun production cues (a rotary phone noise signifies a phone call, a typewriter sound indicates an old news clipping) assuage the difficulty of hearing graphic details, as does the excitement of key principals willing to participate (such as police officials and the badass female reporter who covered the crimes in the first place).

It says something that amid proliferating true-crime shows, seduces listeners with the apparent promise that it will prove or disprove the unseen forces that surround us.

It does fresh reporting and avoids being a sound-bite aggregator, instead shining a light on the bizarre shadowy interplay between the law and outlaws.

For instance, a tiger that lives at a truck stop in Louisiana is really a story about activists versus small business (“Tiger”).

As Goldstein presides over these thorny divisions, he injects the narrative with a buddy-cop mania, letting the listeners laugh at how flawed his subjects (himself included) are, without ever being demeaning.


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