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Or at least something worthy of the extroverted paint job.

But I admit I’m probably not the target audience for tangerine headphones, and so I called on my colleague Ashley Carman, whose red nail polish is a much better match for these headphones’ warm palette, to help me judge the Beoplay H4s.

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Then I popped them on and they were soft, lovely, and plush.

Everything would have been awesome if they sounded anywhere near as nice as they fit. I understand why Ashley likes it, having used these headphones in the noisy environments they're designed for, but to me there's far too much artificiality, distortion, and unevenness to celebrate the H4s as any sort of siblings to the Beoplay H6.

The battery lasted for hours; I’ve barely charged them since I started wearing them, and I’m constantly listening to music. I commend the company for experimenting with its color palette, but for the price, I would likely go with Vlad’s H6 recommendation, even if they are wired.

I did try to take phone calls with these on, but the audio quality was poor. I would also consider buying a simpler pair of black headphones that are more unassuming and appropriate for all seasons.

The tangerine cans stand out on New York City sidewalks and conjure a kawaii feel.

Shoshana from But after only two weeks of wear, my tangerine dreams were dashed. I’m not sure if it’s dirt or makeup, but the orange tint is turning grey, and it’s making me sad.

As ever, I have no fixed opinion on how headphones should be tuned for human listening; some people will favor a warmer, bassier sound, others will want the sparkle and detail of a stronger treble response.

Unfortunately, the Beoplay H4s have high quantities of both, but not high quality.

People on the other end could barely understand me while I could hear the wind blowing in my microphone. The internal deal that I strike with myself regarding any set of headphones is that if they sound great and fit well, I'll wear them no matter what they look like.

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