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The presence of this paper wrapper can represent up to 95% of the value of a 20th century title.Collectors are also very conscious of the condition of these jackets. Given the relative ease of publishing books in the late 1800s and early 1900s, a plethora of books were printed that are irrelevant today.

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Stay tuned for Part II, when I’ll explain eight things that help determine antique books’ value. Due to the volume of comments, we are unable to continue to reply individually.

This picture is a 1941 model, serial number *9N68133*.

The 9N was the first of the "N Series" tractors and originally came out in 1939.

It was developed as a versatile all-purpose tractor for the small farm and was exceedingly popular.

All of the 9-ns and 2-ns serial number started with 9.

The difference between the 9,2n and the 8n is the 9,2 have a three speed trans. The correct gear oil for the ford rearend is mineral oil which is hard to find now.

Works by William Faulkner including “The Mansion,” New York: Random House, first edition; Signed copy of “A Green Bough,” New York: Harrison Smith and Robert Haas; “Requiem for a Nun,” New York: Random House, 1951, first edition “Help! ” I’m an antique book appraiser, so I hear this phrase a lot, maybe eight or ten times a week.

However, it doesn’t always inspire the excitement or anticipation that I usually feel at the start of a great antique book hunt. Let’s face it, our forebears read many more books than we do.

This was a couple of years after I started driving it. My dad went to see George to find out about my driving. Afater that I started to drive an old A-C WF at home.


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