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Shadows on the Mountain – Miriam Morton – 1986 208.

Who is diggy dating 2016

Even as First Love was being turned into Keepsake , a few books were reprinted and two new Blossom Valley books were put out.

The stories were such a hit they were released with ( instead of the First Love From Silhouette arch ) a Blossom Valley Book arch.

The stories are fun , interesting and above all believable, even though Glenda works two hard years to lose weight and still isn’t what you’d call skinny she must battle, double hard, with a mother who is also overweight and at times not the most sympathetic especially when sending Glenda off to pick up a big cheesecake. The characters were lively and the action though typical , fun.

After creating a likable , relatable character with Glenda Waite , overweight but struggling to lose it , Lila got so many letters from fans wanting to hear more about Glenda’s diets and success, she created three more books. Being unencumbered by linking the stories the authors had the freedom to be fresh and find their own tone.

Fast Forward – 1989 The Fabulous Five This series was put out by Bantam Skylark as a evolution from an ongoing successful series of non-numbered books at the time, dubbed the Taffy Books , about the same group of girls only one year older.

One story featured a popularity driven girl seeking to score mythical Duran Duran tickets, another girl spending the week at her ultra rich friends house for a week to see how the other half lives , a class clown trying to cope with her parents divorce, a girl who discovers her assigned ‘big sis’ might by only using her , to best friends threatned when boys enter the mix to a girl mortified that her social climbing might have plummeted when she is banished to the nerdish West Wing with the creepy computer whiz’s.

Characters were sometimes intertwined with upcoming stories much like Sweet Valley High , sometimes not.

Elaine Harper created the small town of Blossom Valley where love was always in bloom.

The books start out with sweet-natured and gullible Linda Ellis being talked into entering the Miss Crandalls beauty pageant, hosted by the posh Crandalls store. A reader asked about it and said that the main character Lexi Turner moves to New York to live with an aunt – Possibly due to becoming an orphan or to escape her parents messy divorce. , and trimmed down sentences, sometimes just a one word neatly placed – Smooth. All of the boarders however are seemingly young and hip- Angelo De Furie a.k.a Fury a wicked surfer , pretty but secretive Pamela Easton , talkative Jed , and aspiring country Western singer Tracy. The series revolves around the head butting between two rival cliques in Wakeman – ahem Wacko Junior High – The Fabulous five – Jana Morgan – their sweet likable leader whose been going steady with sensitive hunk Randy Kirwin since sixth grade, Beth Barry – the theatrical show-off , Christie Winchell – the tennis loving brainiac , Melanie Edwards – the dreamy , boycrazy sweetheart and Katie Shannon – the ridged , opinionated feminist.

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