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In the video, which was uploaded by a You Tube user Shreyas Rao, a man molested a girl who was sitting ahead of him in the flight.However the girl was in no mood to be silent and recorded the whole incident and berated him. Saw his hand was again on the side ready to take up any opportunity to touch me!!!When it comes to sexual harassment, there is practically no mode of transport that can be considered safe in India.

(1st egg: December 19 at pm; 2nd egg: December 22 at pm).

Both successfully hatched eaglets (E7 hatched January 26 at am (day 38); E8 hatched January 27 at pm (day 36)) and spending the first few weeks of life developing on schedule. 9, E8 had to be cut free from the nest after getting monofilament fishing line wrapped around its leg and foot cutting off circulation and causing swelling.

The stream shows Mother Nature in its true form and some content may not be suitable for all audiences.

The 2017-2018 season is the sixth season Dick Pritchett Real Estate has provided the live look into this Southwest Florida nest.

2015 - 2016 Season was a season of many firsts for Harriet & her new mate M15 (short for Male 2015).

After Ozzie’s passing, Harriet spent a few weeks courting possible new mates but eventually bonded (or mated) with M15, laying two eggs.

The eagles do not see any light and remain undisturbed.

SWFEC has worked with wildlife officials and local biologists to insure the eagle’s safety and will not interfere or intervene with any natural events in the nest.

Cant believe the ordeal i had to go thru but being silent is a crime! If it was an accidental touch, which of course can happen, the first reaction that most people have is to apologise to the person, which is good enough.


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  3. In the shaky video, a terrified young white man in a gray hooded sweatshirt and dark pants is seen crouching in a corner, his wrists and neck bound with orange bands, his mouth taped shut.

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  5. I don’t care if you’re checking messages or whatever, but that just made me feel like they had zero interest in me.” —"I’m just as nervous as you, if not more so.

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